Commerical & Industrial Roofing


Understanding the Benefits of a Roof Coating

Why Choose a Coating?

Coatings provide a host of solutions.  They are able to extend the life of your current roofing system, in most cases, for up to 20 years, while simultaneously offering a major cost savings.

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cost benefit

Because coatings are quickly installed, do not require extensive tear-off,and do not expose the interior of the building to rain during application, your business can stay operational during installation.  Warranties are easily extendable with an additional maintenance coating.  These coating systems also increase your building's energy efficiency, thereby reducing your operating expenses.  Coatings do not count as an additional roof, and therefore you can delay the hassle of installing a new system


Installation process

In most cases, coatings are spray applied using a pressurized pump system, allowing for accurate millage, and a speedy process.   The spray application means that meticulous attention can be given to the details of your roof.  In high-wind scenarios, coatings can be roll-applied. Coatings are LOW-VOC, keeping your employees and customers safe from fumes



What is a Coating?

Besides the cost benefits, ease, and speed of application, coatings provide another incentive.  They are a fluid-applied monolithic system.  This means that there are no seams to worry about, and therefore, fewer opportunities for your roof to leak.